What are Trail Running Gaiters?

If you’re wondering about running gaiters, read on.

What are Gaiters for Running?

Running gaiters are designed to keep debris, pebbles, rocks, dirt, mud, sticks, sand, bugs, or snow out of your running shoes. You can find them in different styles and ways of attachment. Gaiter Pods Trail & Mountain Running Gaiters, a French Company, makes running gaiters to wear for training or in competition.

Gaiters can look good. Running gaiters can make you stand out on a run, look fashionable and funky, but they are also practical.

For example, one trail runner recounted her experience wearing Gaiter Pods Trail & Mountain Running Gaiters at a competition in the Canary Islands. She explained that she saw runners stopped on the sides of the race course emptying small lava rock pebbles out of their shoes (the island is volcanic), while she continued running by in her trail running gaiters— she was wearing Gaiter Pods Trail & Mountain Running Gaiters and she didn’t get any pebbles in her shoes during that race!