How to Wear Gaiter Pods

Made with 4-way stretch spandex/lycra, Gaiter Pods are stretchy, quick to put on, and easy to wear.

Gaiter Pods attach to the front of your running shoe via nylon webbing & CPSIA compliant snaps, so no worries about weather/wash rusted metal hooks or cutting your fingers mid-race on a hook.

Gaiter Pods attach to the back of your shoe via Velcro. Soft Velcro is sewn to the inside back of the gaiter and attaches to your shoe via the sticky-back Velcro included with your purchase. Simply place sticky-back Velcro on your shoe where the gaiter feels most comfortable and secure, and pull down the gaiter into position.

How to Wear Gaiter Pods:

  1.  Slip your foot through the gaiter, snap end toward your laces.
  2.  Feed webbing/snap under your desired shoelace attachment point.
  3.  Snap the snap shut.  Ah, snap!
  4. Pull the back of the gaiter down along your heel to the point where the velcro hook and loop meet. (The first time you use your gaiters, you’ll need to secure the enclosed attached sticky velcro to each shoe where you best like the gaiter fit).
  5. Easy, peasy. Happy Running!