Gaiter Pods are running and mountain running gaiters designed for off and on-road running, training and racing. 

Gaiter Pods are designed by a trail and ultrarunner, the wife of an ultrarunner, and mother of four young trail runners.

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Gaiter Pods are eco-consciously handcrafted and sewn in beautiful Vermont, near the award winning Kingdom Trails, which are renowned for outdoor adventure and awesome trail running. 

Each pair of Gaiter Pods is truly unique, just like you.  From start to finish, from the cutting of the fabric to the placement of the final snap, human hands and heart create the gaiters that will be with you each step of the way through exciting and challenging running adventures. 

Minor imperfections, pattern or attachment variations add charm and uniqueness to Gaiter Pods, and ultimately reflects the authenticity of human, non-mass produced, artisanry. .   

Why Wear Running Gaiters?

Why Wear Running Gaiters?

@VTRunnerMom shows off her Wonder Runner Gaiter Pods

@VTRunnerMom shows off her Wonder Runner Gaiter Pods

Runners around the globe choose to wear gaiters during on and off road training runs, workouts, and races.  Gaiters not only look cool and express your unique personality, but they are smart and practical.  They keep sh*t out of your running shoes and socks, including debris, sticks, pebbles, rocks, and bugs.

Obviously, we're a bit biased, but we think Gaiter Pods truly rock! So do our customers (p.s. thank you so much for your small business support and your support of the sport of trail running). 

Gaiter Pods are easy to wear.  Simply slip your foot into each gaiter, snap to your running shoe laces at the desired attachment point, and pull the gaiter down in the back to attach to you shoe via included velcro.  Easy, peasy. Gaiter Pods feature a unique snap attachment system, so there are no metal hooks to rust or cut your fingers mid-race (yep, been there, done that).

Gaiter Pods are ultramarathon 100 Mile Tested, 50 Mile Tested, 50K Tested, Marathon Tested, 5K Tested...Get the idea?

Gaiter Pods feature fun, sporty, free-spirited, and at times edgy, contemporary designs.  The flexible, stretchy spandex/polyester that makes up the body of the gaiter moves with you--with each and every step, on and off the trail.

Gaiter Pods are handmade in beautiful Vermont by runners for runners.  Our business is owned by Julie, an ultrarunner and mother to four young trail runners, including one who runs ultras, and the wife of an ultrarunner. 

We infuse happy running karma and positive juju into every pair of gaiters we sew–we love to imagine all of the cool places and races runners will wear our gaiters! Our small business donates a portion of every sale to charity.

We’re social! We love to share photos of our customers wearing Gaiter Pods on Social Media and brag about all of the awesome running adventures you do! Tag and Follow us on IG @GaiterPods

Making Trail Running Gaiters: A Labor of Love

Making Trail Running Gaiters: A Labor of Love